Virtana is a Caribbean-based robotics and software outsourcing firm. Led by a former Google engineering lead, Virtana brings Silicon Valley’s curiosity, culture, & world-class technology development to the beautiful islands of Trinidad & Tobago. Virtana’s software engineers and roboticists are ready to augment your existing engineering efforts to accelerate your global business.

Our Services

Expert Consulations

Whether you have a startup developing a new robotics product or are an investor evaluating a new startup, leverage Virtana’s senior leadership on a short-term basis to guide your development roadmaps and/or evaluate your existing technology assets.

Robotics Development

With deep roots in the ROS & open source robotics communities, Virtana’s engineering team can remotely support your robotics software & systems development from our offices in Trinidad & Tobago.

UAV Flight Ops

Trinidad & Tobago is the perfect location for your unmanned flight testing. Virtana can work with you to secure the necessary authorizations from Trinidad’s civil aviation authority, and also support your Trinidad flight operations.

Key Technologies

"Robotics" is a broad term that is often associated with a plethora of technologies. The Virtana team specializes in the following technology areas:

  • VR/AR Backend Algorithm Design
  • Flexible Manufacturing & Automation
  • Robot Arm Planning & Control
  • Indoor/Outdoor Mobile Robots
  • Multiview Geometry & Machine Vision
  • Robot & Sensor Calibration
  • Visual-Inertial SLAM
  • Realtime Control Systems
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
  • ROS, OpenCV, & PCL Development

Who We Are

Vijay Pradeep - Founder & CEO

Vijay Pradeep is Silicon Valley veteran and has been involved in the robotics sector for over a decade. He was a Co-Founder of hiDOF, Inc., a Silicon Valley robotics consulting firm, that has worked with Fortune 500 companies and startups in a variety of areas, including VR/AR, vehicle autonomy, medical imaging, drones, personal aviation, and industrial automation. After hiDOF joined Google’s Daydream VR effort, Vijay led the sensor characterization and factory calibration teams, helping to launch Daydream View, Tango, & ARCore.

Vijay received his B.S. in Computer Systems, focusing on Robotics and Mechatronics, and his M.S. in Mechanical Engineering focusing on Control Systems, both from Stanford University. His academic contributions have been showcased in a variety of robotics conferences, journals, and books. Vijay’s contributions to ROS (Robot Operating System) and the PR2 robot platform are now used widely in the open source robotics community. Vijay splits his time between San Francisco, California, USA and St Augustine, Trinidad & Tobago. You can read more about Vijay at his personal website

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