Robotics Software Engineer

Robotics Software Engineer

Location: St. Augustine, Trinidad, West Indies

Virtana is looking for engineers who are interested in building a career in robotics and software engineering in Trinidad & Tobago. As an associate software engineer at Virtana, you will implement, test, and maintain software solutions for clients’ robotics-related projects. You will work closely with the rest of the Virtana engineering team in a fast-paced and dynamic startup-style environment. Often, client projects will not be in your areas of expertise. As such, you will require a strong ability to get up to speed in various domains of software & robotics. You must be a strong, self-driven individual contributor, with the ability to help shape the direction of projects. If you are excited to put in the hard work needed to become a world class software engineer and roboticist, then Virtana is the perfect fit for you.

Working Hours: Full Time, 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday

Minimum Qualifications:

  • B.S. in Computer Science or similar technical field
  • Ability to develop complex systems, algorithms, and data structures in C++ (object oriented programming, advanced dynamic memory management, threading, templating, C++11, & STL)
  • Intermediate proficiency in Python
  • At least 1 year of experience with version control systems (preferably Git) in a course project or a professional setting
  • Intermediate to advanced proficiency working in a Linux environment
  • Excellent communication skills in verbal and written English
  • Proficiency in solving complex algorithmic challenges, like those found in Google’s Interview Resource Guide

Preferred Qualifications (Any of the following):

  • Experience with ROS, OpenCV, & PCL
  • Extensive linux development experience
  • Experience with real robots
  • Full-time or internship experience in production software environment
  • Interest and ability to learn other coding languages as needed
  • Domain expertise in any of the following areas:
    • Nonlinear optimization & linear algebra
    • Multiview geometry & computer vision
    • Linear systems & control theory
    • Embedded software experience
    • Sensors: Cameras, Ultrasonics Rangefinders, LIDAR, GPS, Gyroscopes, Accelerometers, etc.

If you’re interested, please send a resume and any additional relevant materials (e.g. website, github link, project portfolio, etc) to We encourage engineering candidates to provide a code sample that helps demonstrate their software engineering and coding ability.